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March 31st, 2003

Meg Hourihan Joins Ludicorp Advisory Team.

Meg Hourihan, a renowned expert on personal publishing on the web, has joined Ludicorp’s advisory team. Meg was co-founder of Pyra (recently acquired by Google) — maker of the popular Blogger weblog application. She recently co-founded the Lafayette Project, a New York-based weblog media startup.


Meg brings a wealth of expertise in the domains of web application development and personal publishing to Ludicorp. She will be assisting in the development of strategies for integration of our platform into weblogs and other personal sites. Meg joins Cory Doctorow and Ben Cerveny on the Advistory Team.

We’re not hiring right now.
Thanks for your interest, and please stay tuned!

Team News


Stewart and Cal will be presenting at the Emerging Tech Conference in San Diego, March 14-17, 2005.

People are talking about Flickr...

“Flickr combines the non-real-time aspects of forums with a real-time chat community, and it does it all through a beautifully realised interface that is a joy to use. Flickr itself runs entirely within your web browser (using Flash), so there’s no software to download, and it will work on any system that supports these generic internet technologies.”